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Serving The Children Of Ghana.

Family Sponsorship:

Keeping Families Together

The Gift of Family: A Necessity, Not a Luxury

What greater gift can there be than the gift of family? Unfortunately, many children end up in orphanages not because they’re unloved, but because their families struggle to provide for them. Ask any parent in a poverty-stricken country if they wish to keep their family together, and the answer will be a resounding ‘yes’. But, the harsh realities of life sometimes make this incredibly challenging.

At Ghana Ministries, we strive to keep as many children with their families as possible. But we need your help. For $75 a month, you can become a Family Sponsor. You’ll be paired with a family in need, and you’ll have the opportunity to write to them, pray for them by name, receive updates on their situation, and help provide for their daily needs. This sponsorship is more than just financial assistance; it’s a lifeline, a beacon of hope for a family in need.

Become a Family Sponsor: Be a Beacon of Hope

Family sponsorship is a vital and incredibly rewarding way to make a tangible difference. By helping to keep families together, you’re giving them more than financial support; you’re giving them the chance to thrive as a loving unit. As it is written in 1 Timothy 5:8, “But if anyone does not provide for his relatives, and especially for members of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.” So, would you consider becoming a Family Sponsor today?

Serving The Children of Ghana

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