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Serving The Children Of Ghana.

Completed Projects

Past Projects

Reflecting on Our Journey

Contributing to Missionary Work in Ghana

Since Ghana Ministries started its mission to serve the orphaned children, we’ve been blessed with the collaboration of many talented and generous individuals. Their contributions, combined with our resources and skills, have brought significant improvements to the lives of the children here. You too can join our missionary work in Ghana by donating resources or your time to our cause.

Our Completed Projects: Testaments of Love and Service

We have had the privilege to visit Ghana multiple times over the past years, and it fills our hearts with joy to share the amazing projects we’ve completed, all in the name of serving God’s children.

Dental Care: A Critical Need

Dental care is a much-needed service in Ghana. Several children in one of the orphanages we serve were in dire need of dental attention. Fortunately, Dr. John Marshall of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and his daughter Anna Grace spent their Thanksgiving week providing critical dental services. In total, they saw 460 people, providing extractions, root canals, fillings, and fluoride treatments. We’re grateful for their dedication and for the selfless service of Dr. E. Asamoah, Daniel Adjei Kusi, Dina Akom, and Hannah Bissah who donated their time and skills for screenings and cleanings.

The Dignity Project: Empowering Young Women

Preserving the dignity of young girls and equipping them with the right materials as they transition into womanhood is essential. In places where resources are scarce, some items may be considered a luxury rather than a necessity. Recognizing this need, we collaborated with The Dignity Project, initiated by Jade Metz in Uganda, Africa, to provide every young girl and woman at an orphanage with washable, reusable sanitary pads and carrying cases.

Providing Fresh Water: A Lifeline

One of Ghana Ministries’ initial projects was to replace a failing well and pump system at an orphanage housing over 80 children. Thanks to TankPro of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and several generous donors, we drilled a new well and installed an entirely new tank. This project symbolizes our commitment to providing the essential needs for God’s children in Ghana.

Serving The Children of Ghana

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