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Serving The Children Of Ghana.

Future Projects

Building Brighter Futures in God’s Name

Bringing Worship to the Orphanage

Topmost in our hearts is the calling to spread love and teach others about Jesus Christ. As we prepare to open our orphanage, we are keen to ensure that these children and the community around New Light Orphanage have a safe place to worship, fellowship, and learn about Jesus Christ. In this spirit, we are thrilled to announce plans to build a church on the land where the orphanage sits. We pray this will be a place where seeds of faith are planted, spiritual foundations are laid, and relationships with Jesus Christ are strengthened!

Education: A Gift that Transforms Lives

We believe that one of the greatest gifts we can give to the children in our orphanage is education. Our goal is to see these children grow into young adults who are well-educated and equipped for life in Ghana. Unfortunately, many children in Ghana do not have access to quality education. We want to change this. With God’s guidance, we plan to build a school near the New Light Orphanage, situated on Ghana Ministries’ land for safety. We eagerly anticipate all that God will do within the walls of this school. We ask you to pray with us for these young minds to be shaped into future leaders of their country.

Medical Care: A Dream Soon to be Reality

We’ve seen God perform miracles and accomplish what seemed impossible! From the beginning, He has placed it on our hearts to provide medical care to many people in Ghana. Currently, our approach involves visiting villages and setting up clinics for a few days at a time. While this helps many, we are dreaming bigger. We envision a children’s hospital on our land, a place where no child is turned away due to lack of funds. It’s a bold vision, but we trust in God’s provision and His promise that ALL things are possible!

Join Us in Prayer and Action

Yes, these are monumental tasks. Yes, they will require significant funding. But we have unshakeable faith that OUR GOD provides! Would you join us in prayer as we seek God’s wisdom for these ambitious projects? With your support, we can make these dreams a reality and bring transformative changes to the lives of children in Ghana, all for the glory of God.

Serving The Children of Ghana

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