“We were able to play with the kids, distribute toys and bedding, provide a Christmas first, and of course, spread the gospel.”

Bobbie Lewter

“A team with a good heart and mind for all people’s future, the team that has a great dream for people.  I love the way you guys encourage people and the way you guys love people.  THANK YOU GUYS FOR YOUR HEART.”

David Owusu (sponsored child in Ghana)

“After visiting Ghana with the team from Ghana Ministries, I can say with certainty that their love and compassion for the people of Ghana is genuine.

I was very impressed with the relationships they have built with local people and the way they keep coming back visit after visit.

For them, it’s not a one-and-done mission trip with no follow-up. They have a commitment to the people and the location”

Johnathan Marks

“Ghana Ministries wholeheartedly walks in step with the greatest commandment in the Bible:  to love God. Through their love for God, the people at Ghana Ministries genuinely love others and have deep desire to share the love they experience. With the Ghanaian people…people who have shown them God’s love as well.”

-Katie Northway

“I love the way you guys always encourage people’s and the way you guys love people’s.”

– James (sponsored child in Ghana)
medical care

This brings us to 16 year old Shalinda Akosah. In June 2019 Dr. Asamoah performed surgery to debulk a tumor in her left cheek. She was supposed to receive chemotherapy and radiation in the area post-surgery but, as is so common in a developing country, the family could not cover the costs and she went without the necessary treatments. Her tumor grew quickly in a short period of time. In January 2020 Shalinda visited Dr. Asamoah and with Ghana Ministries we made arrangements for her to receive the treatment she so desperately needed. Her father, Rogers, was not a believer but has now given his life to Christ!

15 year old Gladys was brought to us in November 2020 with a large, facial  myoepithelioma, a benign tumor. Her father abandoned the family  leaving Grace, Gladys mother, to care for Gladys, her 10 year old sister Doris and 1 year old twins Paul and Blessing.
Gladys’s mother works in the fields  and received very little support from her community as Gladys’ condition labeled her as “cursed”. They could not afford the medical care she so desperately needed. Thanks to donors we were able to sponsor Gladys and she had extensive surgery in January 2021 to remove the tumor. Gladys is a happy, kind, intelligent young lady who aspires to be a nurse one day.

This little fellow had a problem with  the fluid in his  brain accumulating. We  were able to pay for a shunt to permanently drain the fluid.

Baby S. She had a rather large opening in her spine. We provided testing and supportive care. Sadly, she passed before the surgical repair could be done.

Baby K

Three year old “K” had a tumor on his kidney. We met him at the end of his treatment. Through donations were were able to pay his remaining hospital bills so he and his family could return to their village.