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Orphanage project in Ghana

We believe that children need to be with their families, if at all possible. This is why we help
sponsor children and their families. We also understand that that possibility just doesn’t exist
for many.

childDid you know that Ghana is home to over a million orphans and approximately 148 orphanages,
only 8 are reported to be licensed, states the Ghana’s Social Welfare Department. What does
this mean? It means not many orphanages are held accountable for the ill-treatment of
children. It also means that many orphanages are not being held accountable for funds coming
in by so many donors. It is estimated that smaller orphanage can bring in as much as $70,000 a
year in donations. Ghana’s nonprofit, Child Rights International (CRI), suggests that as little as
30% of those donations are actually spent on child care! Unfortunately, too many orphanages
are run like a business; a means to make money.

We, at Ghana Ministries New Light, have seen this first-hand and want to lead by example of
how a Christ-centered orphanage can be run. Our desire is to bring in the orphan, as they are,
and provide a stable and loving place for them to call home. Our goal is to help develop these
children in to strong, honest, Christian leaders that can make a positive impact in their country.
Our team is dedicated to providing the best possible care that we can. All donations and
money raised will go directly to caring for these children. Our United States volunteers travel
quarterly to Ghana to check-in and make sure all is running smoothly. When we cannot be
there, we have extremely trusted Ghanaian teammates that are making sure all is taken care of.

We are currently in the process of raising the funds to build our orphanage. We will build it in
three phases (first, second and third floors). In total, our orphanage home will be able to house
around 100 children. As soon as we have the funds raised for phase 1 (first floor), we will be
able to begin building and orphans can move in immediately. Phase 1 will cost approximately

Please consider getting involved! Pray. Share. Give. You can make a difference in so many

Learn more by calling (800) 219-2758 now.


Ongoing Projects

Medical/Dental Mission Trip! September 2021

Under the leadership of medical director, Dr. Elijah Asamoah, a short term medical/dental mission trip is planned for this year.

Ongoing Projects

Sponsoring Children with Medical Issues

6-year-old Joshua Osei, 3-year-old Kwaku Boateng, and 16-year-old Shalinda Akosah were all in need of medical attention. Because of our amazing team members, we have been able to diagnose and help treat their various ailments. In all cases, the children’s families did not have the money to cover the costs of their treatment but because of your support, Ghana Ministries has been able to pick up those costs.

Ongoing Projects

Land Development

Land Development underway.