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Serving The Children Of Ghana.

Welcoming Our Caretaker

On December 20, 2021, we welcomed our new caretaker, Abdul Kareem, and his beautiful family to their new home at the piggery. Abdul and his family have been a fantastic addition to Ghana Ministries. Abdul has shown great enthusiasm for his work at the piggery and his role in Ghana Ministries. His dedication symbolizes our collective commitment to this project and the children we serve.


An Initiative for Self-Sufficiency

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Ghana Ministries is deeply grateful for the donations and fundraisers that support our mission, a mission God has laid on our hearts. Yet, we believe in the importance of becoming as self-sufficient as possible. After thorough research and prayerful consideration, we have decided to establish a piggery (hog farm) on a portion of our land.

Building a Well-Structured Piggery

We have employed workers to construct a well-thought-out structure for the pigs. A dedicated caretaker, who lives nearby, will look after them, ensuring their well-being at all times. This project is grounded in extensive research and follows a care plan provided by a Ghanaian university that operates its own piggery.

Contributing to the Orphanage

The profits from breeding and selling the pigs will be used to support the operations of our orphanage, located just across the road. This is a direct way in which our piggery will contribute to the care and nurture of the orphaned children who call Ghana Ministry’s “New Light” their home.

Your Support Makes a Difference

Thanks to the generosity of many wonderful donors, we have already raised funds for the first 20 pigs! But the journey doesn’t stop here. With just $142, you can help us purchase a pig and contribute to this sustainable initiative. We invite you to consider purchasing a pig today and make a tangible difference in the lives of the orphaned children in our care.

Serving The Children of Ghana

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